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Accessible Learning for Organizations

hpiCertify.com is a readily accessible learning platform of engaging learning tools and programs dedicated to community care expertise. Several community living organizations across British Columbia partner with hpiCertify.com to deliver customized learning experience for their staff in advanced care areas such as medication administration.

Empowered Learner Experiences

Subscribe to an eLearning course or to a site-wide collection of learning programs, tools and resources. Learn, practice, credential and keep your knowledge and skills with brief learning games and simulators. Track all of your efforts, see a visual account of your progress and share your progress with others (dynamic portfolio).

Rapid Learning Tools, Programs, Games and Simulators

We too are experienced caregivers. If you are like us, your time is precious and your dedication is unsurpassed. We are building a host of learning resources for you that are experienced quickly - and are FREE. Soon these will begin to be posted for your lasting benefit. Learning can be fun and effective.

Pile of colorful medicine pills and capsules in blister packs

Learn How to Administer Medications Safely and Effectively

Medication administration requires: a) the knowledge of the dynamics of medications, their intended actions and their possible side-effects but also b) the skills to administer medications effectively, on time and safely. Become adept at medication administration with a blended | mentor approach. Learn more...

Next Steps...

Check out our free online courses, simulators and learning tools. Download and/or print our rapid resource pages to perform procedures such as the the list of medication rights checks (5 rights - 10 rights), basic life support (CPR), managing seizures or in-hospital advocacy. When you're ready, subscribe, email or call us at 604.689.4477.