Since 1998


Healthpoint Institute Inc. was founded in 1998 to offer learning tools and programs to people involved in the care of those living in the community.

Our founding members include two nurses with extensive experience in advanced care  - Augustus Kops and Tracy Barill - and the company Bernard C. Vinge and Associates (HCS) Ltd., a longstanding respected resource in community living.

We began by offering courses such as medication administration, CPR, and first aid.

From feedback and requests of our partners in the community, we built an elearning platform to open various learning programs to 24/7 access. The first online program was Medication Administration, personalized to each community living organization i.e. with custom video, medication policy and procedures unique to each group and quizzes tailored to the specific content inherent to each.

Since our early days with hpiCertify.com, other programs - built by our partners and by us -have been hosted on this learning platform.


Next Steps...

Check out our free online courses, simulators and learning tools. Download and/or print our rapid resource pages to perform procedures such as the the list of medication rights checks (5 rights - 10 rights), basic life support (CPR), managing seizures or in-hospital advocacy. When you're ready, subscribe, email or call us at 604.689.4477.